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We're making tech sustainable. timeless. inheritable. upgradable. elegant.

A Computer That
Grows With You

Wood™ computers are intentionally designed to be beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainable. Our products are crafted from carefully chosen materials, reflecting the beauty and balance of nature itself.


Less than 15% of computers are properly recycled. With growing concerns and awareness around the environmental impacts of e-waste, we aim to close the loop while having net-negative emissions.

Our materials are selectively sourced from well-managed forests. Wood is a biodegradable and highly-renewable resource. We also use only 100% recycled cardboard in our packaging and we design for reuse.

Made in USA

With frequent shortages caused by international trade holds and delays, we aspire to have a 100% US manufactured product line.

The bodies of our devices are 100% sourced and manufactured within the united states already and we are already on course to have 45% of all internal components sourced from US manufacturers by the end of 2023.


Millions of computers are discarded every year. Some devices can't be upgraded or repaired. For others, it's not easy enough nor cost-effective.

By designing for simple replacements, we can change the game and allow users to continually improve their devices year after year. Can you imagine inheriting your grandfather's PC?

Aesthetically pleasing

Many electrics are produced with man-made materials, like plastic. These devices frequently appear out of place in carefully designed homes. We are creating options that better fit the ethos of these environments.

Made from naturally-occurring materials, our devices are elegant and timeless. They fit the homes that their plastics counterparts do not.

What Happens To Your Computer When You Throw It Away?

"They don't make things the way they used to!" Unfortunately, the adage rings true, especially when we reflect on the current lifespan of our computers. An estimated 9.4 million tons of computer products are discarded every year. Contrary to the assumption, the majority of E-waste undergoes little to no recycling.

Not only are Wood™ computers being manufactured using primarily recyclable goods such as wood, glass, and aluminum, but they are also built to last with internal components that are accessible, understandable, and replaceable. See the difference. Feel the difference. Be the difference.

Spirit Keyboard

Spirit is our first product. It’s a mechanical keyboard made from more than 70% wood by volume and it comes in two variations: maple and white oak.