Where innovation meets sustainablilty.....

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  • Lifetime Service

    All wood computers come with life time service. Never worry about your device. The team as wood has you covered

  • Customer First

    YOU come first. Our customer's satisfaction is top priority. We want to become your trusted partner for all your technology.

  • Made in Texas, USA

    wood is committed to the American worker and is committed to manufacturing of 100% made in the USA products by 2028.

  • Creation of an Evergreen device

    wood seeks to create a lifetime devices without the use of planned obsolescence. Imagine a device that lasts a lifetime, not a few years. wood products will always be upgradable.

  • Reduction of E-waste

    Approximately 420 Metric Tonnes of e-waste was produced in 2022. This simply unsustainable and the time to start creating additional solutions is here. wood is committed to create innovative solutions that make a difference in the reduction of e-waste.

  • Sustainable and Recycled Materials

    wood is deeply committed to the use of sustainable and recycled materials in our products. wood will continue to explore alternative materials in all of our products.

  • An Industry Changing OS

    Experience a paradigm shift with our industry-transforming operating system. Coming in 2025.

  • The Power of AI

    The AI kernel makes it possible. Imagine your device is able to work with any operating system any maufacturer

  • A Connected Expirence

    No matter what OS you currently use, Timber has the ability to adapt and interact with multiple OS across numerous technology platforms.