Patent Protection

Patent Protection Statement for

At, we are at the forefront of innovation, continually developing new techniques, software, and hardware to provide the best services to our customers. This innovative spirit has led to several of our own unique creations, for which we have secured patent protections, both in provisional and non-provisional states.

1. Our Intellectual Property

The technology, software, and hardware developed by are proprietary and protected by U.S. and international patent laws. These include several patents that are either pending or have been granted, as well as proprietary methodologies that we have developed and use in our business operations.

2. Protection of Our Intellectual Property

We are committed to enforcing our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. If we discover that any of our patented techniques, software, or hardware has been copied, used, or otherwise infringed upon without our explicit authorization, we will take appropriate legal action to halt such activities and seek remedies as provided by law.

3. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

We encourage innovation and creativity, and we believe in respecting the intellectual property rights of all. In the same vein, we expect the same respect for our intellectual property. Unauthorized use of our patented technology, software, or hardware is strictly prohibited.

4. Reporting Patent Infringements

If you suspect that our intellectual property rights have been violated, or if you have any questions or concerns about our patents, please contact us at We appreciate your vigilance in helping us protect our proprietary technologies.

At, we take our intellectual property very seriously, and we will endeavor to safeguard our creations while providing our customers with the best products and services in the market.

Revision Date: June, 2023