The Mission

The Mission: Redefining the Future, One Computer at a Time

In the heart of our revolution at Wood Computer, lies a mission that transcends mere technological advancement. It's a call to arms—a defiant stand against the monolithic giants of "big tech" that have dictated the course of our digital lives. We're not just in the business of building computers. We're here to dismantle an empire, piece by piece, and erect a new order from its ashes.

Our Battleground

For too long, the tech industry has operated under a veil of disposability, pushing products designed for obsolescence, trapping consumers in an endless cycle of upgrades and replacements. This isn't just wasteful; it's an affront to our planet, our economies, and our personal freedoms. The giants of Silicon Valley have grown fat on profits gleaned from planned obsolescence, leaving a trail of e-waste, environmental degradation, and social inequality in their wake.

Our Weapons: Sustainability, Beauty, and Innovation

Our arsenal in this fight is not forged from silicon and plastic but from wood—a material as old as time, yet revolutionary in its application. Wood represents not just a sustainable choice but a statement of intent. We're turning back the clock to a time when products were built to last, to be cherished, and to be handed down, not tossed away at the first sign of obsolescence.

Sustainability: Our commitment to wood is a commitment to the Earth. By choosing a material that is renewable, biodegradable, and ethically sourced, we're setting a new standard for environmental stewardship in the tech industry.

Aesthetic Mastery: We refuse to accept that technology must be cold and impersonal. Our devices are crafted to be as visually stunning as they are technologically advanced—pieces of art that elevate the spaces they inhabit.

Innovative Design: With groundbreaking thermodynamic properties and the ability to be easily upgraded and repaired, our computers challenge the status quo. They are testaments to what is possible when we dare to imagine a different future.

    Our Battle Cry: Empowerment for All

    The digital divide—a chasm widened by the predatory practices of big tech—stands as one of the greatest injustices of our age. We're not just building computers; we're crafting keys to unlock potential, bridges to span this divide. By ensuring our technology is accessible, repairable, and upgradable, we're democratizing access to the digital world. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of economic standing, has a seat at the table in this new era we're building.

    The Call to Join Us

    This is not a journey we can undertake alone. We call upon you—rebels, visionaries, dreamers—to join us in this crusade. Together, we can dismantle the pillars of disposability and exclusivity that big tech has built. Together, we can build a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around.

    Our mission is clear. It's audacious, it's challenging, and it's absolutely necessary. We're not just here to compete; we're here to lead a revolution. With every computer we build, with every standard we challenge, with every convention we defy, we're not just making a statement. We're laying the foundation for a new world.

    Join us at Wood Computer. Let's kick some ass and reshape the future. Together, we can build a legacy that will stand long after the empires of disposable tech have crumbled to dust.