About Wood from Jason
Founder & Chief Revolutionary

My passion for technology isn't just a career choice; it has been a lifelong crusade that started with a Commodore 64 back in 1984. That bulky beige box wasn't just a toy; it was the gateway to my future. What began in the solitude of my basement, wrestling with the intricacies of FidoNet for a local BBS, evolved into prestigious degrees in computer science and engineering from California's top universities.

Ascending quickly to business leadership in the 1990s during my early 20s wasn't a career move; it was a declaration of war against the status quo. With each technological advancement, I saw not just progress but potential—potential choked by the industry's relentless push for the new at the expense of the meaningful. The waste, the planned obsolescence, it all pointed to a systemic flaw that I was determined to fix.

Thus, I didn't just enter the tech scene; I stormed it. I was the catalyst that dragged antiquated networks kicking and screaming into the modern era, transforming workplaces with sleek, efficient software that made their old mainframes look like relics. The awe in their eyes, likening their new tools to 'Star Trek,' wasn't just gratification—it was a signpost for my mission.

For me, the pandemic wasn't just a global crisis; it was the exclamation point on everything I had observed. Fragile supply chains, inadequate internet access, the digital divide, and the impenetrable walled gardens of tech giants—it all crystallized into a single, undeniable truth: Incrementalism is dead. It was time for a revolution.

Wood Computer: The Manifesto

We're not just building computers. We're crafting icons of sustainability, beauty, and unparalleled functionality. The mission is simple:

Sustainable, Ethically-Sourced Materials: Our computers are testaments to what the industry can achieve when it dares to care. Manufactured domestically and with earth friendly materials, they stand as beacons of responsible innovation.

Aesthetic Mastery Meets Technological Brilliance: Reject the notion that computers are mere tools. They are the amalgamation of art and science, designed to be as visually compelling as they are technologically advanced.

Endless Upgradability: Our designs defy the disposable culture that has permeated tech. With Wood Computer, you invest in a future where your device grows with you, retaining its value and relevance.

Open Software Ecosystems: We're tearing down the walls that stifle creativity. Our patent-pending AI breakthroughs ensure that our machines are as open and versatile as the minds that use them.

Erasing the Digital Divide: In an age where technology is crucial for education and connection, it's unacceptable that outdated and non-upgradable devices contribute to a widening gap of digital accessibility.

    My first desktop models aren't just machines; they're milestones. They set new speed benchmarks not for the sake of vanity but for the purpose of innovation, serving as the crucible in which we refine the technology of tomorrow.

    Join Us in Shaping the Future

    We're more than just a company; we're a movement. As we stride into the future, we do so with the conviction that technology should not just advance, but advance us. The catacomb of philosophies from —"Every circuit tells a story,"to "Being the fastest isn't enough"—are more than words. They're our promises to mankind.

    As we embark on this journey to redefine computing, your voice and help is invaluable. Together, we're not just changing technology; we're setting a new course for the future.

    Welcome to Wood Computer, let's go kick big-tech's ass.

    Jason C. Braatz, Chief Revolutionary

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasoncbraatz/