Why Austin, Texas?

First, why we love Texas

There's just something special 'bout the Lone Star State that keeps us coming back for more. Texas is a land of contrasts, with miles of sandy beaches along the Gulf Coast, and wide-open spaces perfect for outdoor sports like hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and more. We've got top-notch barbecue, melt-in-your-mouth Tex-Mex, and a music scene that'll have y'all either two-stepping or dancing the Macarena in no time.

Our friendly communities, low cost of living, and top-tier schools make it the ideal place to raise a family, and our rich history and cultural heritage are woven into the fabric of daily life. And let's not forget the pride we Texans take in our state, uniting us with a strong sense of camaraderie. All in all, Texas ain't just a place, it's a way of life, a culture of it's own, and something special that's just so hard to put into words.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

Second, why we love Austin

Welcome to Austin, Texas – the rising star of the tech world and the vibrant city we call home. Known for its unique mix of culture, innovation, and youthful energy, Austin is a city like no other, making it the perfect base for WoodComputer.com.

Austin, The New Silicon Valley

Austin has gained a well-deserved reputation as a burgeoning Silicon Valley, serving as a beacon for tech companies and startups. This dynamic city pulses with entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation and nurturing big ideas. Home to hundreds of startups, Austin provides the perfect nurturing ground for businesses like ours to thrive.

Major Tech Presence

Austin is proud to host a significant presence of renowned tech giants, including Samsung, Oracle, SiliconLabs, Tesla, Google, and Apple. But it's not just the tech sector - a diverse array of non-tech firms also flourish here, contributing to the city's thriving and diverse business environment.

Lifestyle and Climate

There's more to Austin than just work; it's a city that believes in living well. With an abundance of green spaces, a thriving music and arts scene, and some of the best barbecue in the world, Austin offers a unique and vibrant lifestyle. The city's climate is another feather in its cap. Enjoy mild winters and plenty of sunshine, perfect for after-work outdoor pursuits or leisurely weekend explorations.

Inclusive and Diverse

Austin's inclusivity and diversity are some of its strongest points. People from all walks of life are welcomed and embraced here, and it's this blend of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives that make Austin a rich and stimulating place to live and work.

Education and Research

Austin is also a hub for education and research. The city boasts top-tier universities, including the University of Texas, providing a continuous stream of talent to fuel the tech industry's growth. The spirit of discovery and innovation is deeply ingrained in Austin's DNA.

Join Us in Austin

At Wood Computer, we are proud to be a part of Austin's exciting growth story. We relish the chance to contribute to this vibrant community, and we welcome you to join us. In Austin, you'll find more than just a job; you'll discover a place where you can grow your career, explore your passions, and enjoy an unmatched quality of life.