Why Wood?

Why Wood? A Declaration of Independence from Disposable Tech

Growing up, my Dad's career took him on a long commute to a managerial job.  We lived in a very wooded area away from the big city where he worked, so on the weekends, I'd help him with various wood projects in our basement.  My Grandfather - his father, had built houses and had been a woodworker all of his life.  The same men who also showed me how to whittle a small block of wood into a bird figurine had also helped me get into computing from the age of 9.  They both knew that woodworking itself wasn't likely a skill to be immediately commanded in the 21st century.. or is it?

This isn't about my comfortability nor is the choice of material a whim; it's a battle cry. Why wood? The answer is as complex as it is simple. Wood is not just a material; it's our manifesto made tangible.

In an era where technology's trajectory has been commandeered by the behemoths of "big tech," seducing the world into a never-ending cycle of consumption and disposal, we need you to stand as the vanguard of a profound rebellion.

1. The Ethical Harvest

Imagine a world where our resources regenerate as naturally as the seasons. Wood, in its essence, is the embodiment of sustainability. Like corn or watermelons, wood is a bountiful gift from Mother Nature, capable of being planted, harvested, and replanted in a continuous cycle of renewal. Through responsible forestry and crop rotation, we harness the power of the earth to provide the raw materials for our technology. This is not exploitation; it is cooperation with nature.

2. Abundance and Safety

Wood's global abundance dismantles the geopolitical shackles that bind us to scarce, hazardous materials mined from the earth's depths. Unlike lithium and other substances used in tech manufacturing, whose extraction is mired in ethical and environmental dilemmas, wood offers a universally accessible alternative that's inherently safe and non-toxic. This shift not only secures our material supply but also purifies our ethical stance in the technological arena.

3. Aesthetic Revolution

To hold a piece of technology crafted from wood is to interact with a piece of art. The aesthetic versatility of wood, with its myriad textures and tones, allows for an infinite palette of design possibilities. This is not just manufacturing; it's craftsmanship. By blending different types of wood, we're not just assembling computers; we're sculpting the future of technology into objects of desire that stand proudly in any space.

4. Superior Thermodynamics

Our revolutionary approach extends beyond aesthetics into the very core of functionality. Wood's natural thermodynamic properties outshine conventional materials like plastic and metal. The anisotropic features of wood allow for innovative thermal management, optimizing the device's performance in a way that only nature can provide. Our patented procedure leverages these properties, ensuring our computers are not only beautiful but brilliantly efficient.

5. Environmental Integrity

In the unfortunate event that our computer doesn't get repurposed, wood offers a graceful exit back to the earth. Biodegradable and free from harmful VOCs, wood decomposes naturally, contributing to the cycle of life rather than the piles of e-waste that deface our planet. This is technology that comes from the earth and, if need be, returns to it with dignity.

6. Domestic Empowerment

Choosing wood champions not just environmental sustainability but economic resilience. By relying on a domestic industry, we fortify our independence from overseas manufacturing and strengthen our local economies. This is a declaration of self-sufficiency, signaling a return to a more personalized, artisanal mode of production that big tech has long abandoned.

7. Harmonious Integration

In the post-COVID era, as our homes double as offices, the design of our technology must complement our living spaces. Wood, with its timeless elegance, seamlessly integrates into any decor, from the modern to the traditional. This is technology that doesn't disrupt your space; it enhances it, bridging the gap between functionality and beauty.

Closing the Digital Divide

Our mission transcends mere aesthetics and environmental responsibility; it's about reshaping the economic landscape of technology. By creating durable, repairable, and upgradable computers from wood, we ensure these devices retain their value over time. This not only reduces waste but also fosters a vibrant secondary market where technology is accessible to all, regardless of economic status. Our vision is a world where the digital divide is not a chasm but an ancient memory. We'll be conquering this by the sustainable, beautiful, and functional technology we create.

In choosing wood, we're not just opting for a material; we're choosing a future. A future where technology is not disposable but durable, not exclusive but accessible, not toxic but sustainable. We are Wood Computer, and we're not just building computers; we're crafting a legacy.

Join us in our crusade against disposable tech. Together, we will win the fight for a world where every piece of technology is a testament to our values, our vision, and our victory over the transient and the toxic.