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Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson

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"Louise Nevelson": A Homage in Hardwood to an Artistic Titan

Introducing "Louise Nevelson," a computer that encapsulates the spirit and aesthetic of one of the 20th century's most influential sculptors. With intricate woodwork that mirrors the complexity of Nevelson's celebrated pieces like "Sky Cathedral" and "Night Wall I," this machine is a tribute to her legacy of transforming found wood into monumental, space-defining structures.

Craftsmanship Inspired by Masterpieces

The detailed carvings of the "Louise Nevelson" computer reflect the elaborate, box-like compositions for which Nevelson was famed. The interlocking patterns and dramatic reliefs are reminiscent of her work displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), where the play of light and shadow creates a dialogue between the piece and its environment, much like the dynamic forms carved into this computer's casing.

From "Sky Cathedral" to Silicon Circuits

Just as "Sky Cathedral" evokes the majesty and complexity of the cosmos, the "Louise Nevelson" computer encompasses the vast potential of the digital universe within its sculptural form. This case is not just a housing for components; it's a constellation of artistic ingenuity, drawing from Nevelson's ability to craft expansive narratives within the confines of her wooden canvases.

This computer stands on crafted feet, a subtle allusion to Nevelson's own practice of elevating her work, transforming it into something monumental. It serves not only as a powerful computing tool but as a piece of history, a remembrance of Nevelson's influence on American art and her dedication to exploring the possibilities of her chosen material.

An Ode to the Organic and the Architectural

In every ridge and recess of the "Louise Nevelson" computer, there's a story that parallels the assemblages that Nevelson so meticulously constructed. It stands as an organic form that pays homage to Nevelson's exploration of architectural environments, creating a sense of place and presence that is both commanding and nuanced.

A Tribute to the Visionary

The "Louise Nevelson" is a testament to innovation and craft, a salute to those who, like Nevelson, see the possibility in the materials before them. It's for the visionary, the creator, and the admirer of beauty—in both art and technology. It's for those who appreciate that the true power of computing, like art, is not only in its function but in its capacity to inspire and to redefine boundaries.

Embrace the Artistic Spirit with "Louise Nevelson"

With this computer, you do more than engage with technology—you engage with history. The "Louise Nevelson" invites you to own a piece of functional art that continues the dialogue Nevelson started, pushing the boundaries of form and shadow to reveal the profound beauty in structure and space.

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It's Cool Inside

Building the fastest cutting-edge computer requires not just traditional liquid cooling (which all of our models have) but each one is outfitted with our patented heat displacement mechanism which leverages the natural anisotropic properties of a gymnosperm. In other words, the cooling system kicks ass.

Oh, and the sound system incorporated into each computer is second-to-none.