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Palm Springs Poolside

Palm Springs Poolside

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"Palm Springs Poolside": A Splash of Mid-Century Modern Tech

Dive into the "Palm Springs Poolside," a computer that encapsulates the leisurely luxury and architectural elegance of California's desert oasis. With its radiant blue hues and sleek, retro design, this machine is a nod to the vibrant poolside soirees and the timeless charm of Palm Springs' mid-century modern aesthetics.

Sun-Splashed Style and SoCal Sophistication

The stunning blue chassis of "Palm Springs Poolside" reflects the clear, sunny skies and cool, inviting waters that have drawn icons and influencers to Palm Springs for decades. Its design takes cues from the city's renowned mid-century homes, where clean lines and bold colors create a sense of both openness and intimacy—the perfect setting for a computer designed to be both a showpiece and a powerhouse.

The Heartbeat of Californian Chic

"Palm Springs Poolside" is not just about performance; it's about making a statement. The golden accents and wood paneling evoke the glamorous touches of a Palm Springs boutique hotel, while the smooth, tactile controls mimic the vintage hi-fi systems that once played the sounds of Sinatra and the Rat Pack by the pool.

A Technological Homage to Poolside Leisure

This computer is equipped with modern amenities to ensure that whether you're streaming the latest Californian hits or orchestrating a work-from-home day, you do it with unparalleled style. The front panel's display window offers a glimpse into the heart of the machine, a subtle hint at the hidden depths beneath the surface, much like the serene pools that dot the Palm Springs landscape.

California Dreaming on a Tech Enthusiast's Day

"Palm Springs Poolside" is for the dreamer, the designer, the disruptor. It's for those who appreciate the laid-back yet luxurious lifestyle that Palm Springs embodies—a city synonymous with relaxation, innovation, and a touch of Hollywood glamour that became a cornerstone of Americana.

Your Portal to Poolside Elegance

With "Palm Springs Poolside," your workspace transforms into a retreat that rivals the chicest lounges and cabanas. It's a testament to the power of design and the joy of relaxation, where every keystroke transports you to a sun-drenched world of cool breezes and warm nights.

Invite a slice of California's iconic poolside paradise into your home with "Palm Springs Poolside"—where mid-century modern meets multimedia mastery.

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It's Cool Inside

Building the fastest cutting-edge computer requires not just traditional liquid cooling (which all of our models have) but each one is outfitted with our patented heat displacement mechanism which leverages the natural anisotropic properties of a gymnosperm. In other words, the cooling system kicks ass.

Oh, and the sound system incorporated into each computer is second-to-none.