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Old Louisville

Old Louisville

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"Old Louisville": Victorian Elegance Meets Modern Computing

Behold "Old Louisville," a computer that exquisitely marries the ornate elegance of Victorian architecture with the pinnacle of today's technology. Inspired by the historic district of Old Louisville in Kentucky, renowned for its grand Victorian mansions and opulent design, this machine is for those who appreciate the grandeur of the past woven seamlessly with the innovation of the future.

A Suburban Dream Cast in Silicon

Just as Old Louisville represented the suburban ideal of the 1870s, the "Old Louisville" computer represents the modern suburban dream of a home office powered by cutting-edge technology. It's designed to reflect the district's 48 city blocks of architectural marvels, with a front panel that echoes the intricate woodwork and flair of the finest Victorian mansions.

Artistry in Every Detail

The elaborate floral motif carved into the metalwork is a testament to the painstaking craftsmanship synonymous with the Victorian era. Each swirl and flourish is a digital age interpretation of the lavish decorations that adorn the stately homes of Old Louisville, making this computer not just a tool, but a centerpiece of any room.

From Southern Extension to Silicon Expansion

Originally envisioned as the Southern Extension, Old Louisville was a testament to urban planning and luxurious living. The "Old Louisville" computer takes this concept into the realm of technology, offering expansive storage solutions and powerful processing capabilities housed within a framework of timeless beauty.

The Majesty of Victorian Design Reimagined

With "Old Louisville," you invite a slice of Kentucky's architectural heritage into your workspace. The classic blue hue, reminiscent of a traditional Victorian color palette, brings a sense of nobility and calm to the design, while the golden emblem and wooden accents ground the machine in the warmth and authenticity of the era.

A Computer with a Story to Tell

Embrace the story of "Old Louisville," where every computation is a nod to the meticulous artisans of the Victorian age, and every design element is an homage to the suburb that became a symbol of refined living. It's a computer for those who seek a bridge between the digital age and the timeless appeal of historic American craftsmanship.

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It's Cool Inside

Building the fastest cutting-edge computer requires not just traditional liquid cooling (which all of our models have) but each one is outfitted with our patented heat displacement mechanism which leverages the natural anisotropic properties of a gymnosperm. In other words, the cooling system kicks ass.

Oh, and the sound system incorporated into each computer is second-to-none.