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Culver City

Culver City

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Introducing Culver City: Simplicity at the Helm of Innovation

Step aboard the Starship "Culver City," a computer that embodies the pioneering spirit of the final frontier. Drawing inspiration from the iconic sets of the original Star Trek, which found its genesis in Culver City, California, this computer is designed for those who command their space.

A Nod to Nostalgia, A Leap to the Future

Imagine Captain Kirk, in the quiet of his quarters, engaging with a device as audacious and visionary as his own adventures—a device that brings the simplicity of the cosmos into your home. The "Culver City" is that device: an ATX computer that marries mid-century design with 23rd-century aspiration.

The Essence of Elegance and Efficiency

Its form is a testament to the belief that beauty lies in simplicity. The "Culver City" strips away the unnecessary, leaving only what is essential, and in doing so, makes a profound statement: complexity is not a prerequisite for greatness. With clean lines, intuitive controls, and a palette reminiscent of the iconic Star Trek console, it invites you to explore the universe of your imagination.

Baking Bread for the Moon and Beyond

Culver City is also celebrated as the home of Helms Bakery, the origin of the first loaf of bread to reach the moon. The "Culver City" computer carries this legacy of ambition and achievement. It stands as a reminder that when we pare back to the essentials and appreciate the complexity of the world around us, there's no limit to the heights we can reach.

To Infinity, with Clarity

This is a machine for thinkers, dreamers, and doers—for those who understand that the journey to the stars begins with a clear vision and a clean design. The "Culver City" is not just a tool; it's a companion for your journey, a beacon of light guiding you to your next discovery.

Join us in celebrating the human spirit of exploration with the "Culver City." It's more than a computer—it's a vessel for your voyages, destined for greatness, ready to take you where no one has gone before.

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It's Cool Inside

Building the fastest cutting-edge computer requires not just traditional liquid cooling (which all of our models have) but each one is outfitted with our patented heat displacement mechanism which leverages the natural anisotropic properties of a gymnosperm. In other words, the cooling system kicks ass.

Oh, and the sound system incorporated into each computer is second-to-none.